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Juancho Martizen Cubero1-

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Iolo DavidsonAcme Glass CubeSinclair ZX Spectrum1982I1
U.S. Gold LtdBuck Rogers: Matrix CubedCommodore Amiga1992I4
A. PachlerCubeSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I
AcornsoftCube MasterAcorn BBCI
ASDGCube MasterCommodore Amiga1988I4
Cube MazeAtari ST1989
Soft EnterprisesCube-XCommodore Amiga1992I4
Fifth DimensionCubemagikCommodore 641993I
Chad SoftwareCubeySinclair ZX Spectrum1984I
Geom CubeSony Playstation1995
GT CubeNintendo GameCube2003I
Hello Kitty's Cube FrenzySony Playstation
Linda Cube Again (Japan only)Sony Playstation
Artic Computing LtdQuadracube 3DSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
ComputerConceptsRubik CubeAcorn BBCI
Argus Press Software LtdTube CubeSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
Acclaim EntertainmentZooCubeNintendo GameCube2002I

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