Corridors of Genon (1983)            

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New Generation Software

Audio cassette

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Issue 21 (Sinclair User)   3rd Jan 2010 10:23
Corridors of 3D power

THE CIRCULAR corridors of the computer installation based on Genon hide a dark and deadly secret. They are inhabited by a creature called Bogul. The creature and its cloned counterparts will try their best to stop you reaching the main computer, cracking the secret code and returning to the outside world before the base explodes.

Corridors of Genon, for the 48K Spectrum, is in a long line of 3D games from Malcolm Evans and New Generation. It is set in the usual maze but the unusual thing is that the corridors are circular. That effect works well and is added to by the sliding doors which lower from the ceiling to block your way. Depending on the level at which you are playing you will be given either the pass number of the door to make it open or you will not.

The most difficult part of the maze is the centre, at corridor 30, where doors are closing all the time, pass codes are hidden, and you can hear Bogul's footsteps getting nearer.

When finally you beat corridor 30 you will be introduced to the computer. In that room you have to guess the destruct sequence code of the computer. That is such an important part of the process that when the program is first loaded, and before a new game begins, you will be asked if you want decoding practice.

Once you have cleared the code the computer will tell you that all is well but that Bogul has multiplied and there are then several of the trumpet-nosed creatures wandering the maze. Before the game ends you must pass all of them and get out of the maze.

Corridors of Genon is an excellent 3D game from a master of 3D techniques. We cannot recommend it too highly. It costs £5.95 and can be obtained from New Generation, Bath.

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