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Comix Zone (1995)      

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Sega Technical Institute
Standard 3- or 6-button controller
North America,Europe,Japan,Brazil

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(Anonymous) (MegaDrive review)   17th Apr 2012 12:11
"Comix Zone Has More Polish Than a Pair of Dr.Martins"

In the 16-bit days there were a lot of games released that did not receive the recognition they deserved. These kinds of games were found on Sega’s Genesis mostly, the like’s of Vectorman, Eternal Champions and the game I shall review; Comix Zone. These games are prime examples of sleeper smashes that really didn’t get the attention they deserved by gamers around the world. I’m going to attempt to open your eyes, and take you back in time, to the golden age of gaming where there are many treasures lost because of little to no media attention. Comix Zone is a game that you either enjoyed or never heard about, and fortunately for me, I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Comix Zone IS the best-looking Genesis game I have EVER played. Excellent animation and sharp resolution really helps the game look wondrous. Cool water/fire/explosion effects really attribute to the visual polish this game displays. Sketch’s character design is very cool, and it’s not boring. Boss and enemy designs are full of character, with very over-exaggerated and cartoon-like animations that add humor to the game. The game is overall very colorful and has a very standout look, to that of other Genesis games. The level design is very good with varying fantasy settings for Sketch to venture through, further adding variety.

The presentation during gameplay is just like reading a comic book, as you defeat enemies (which are drawn onto the captions by the nemesis in the game) you move over to the next caption in the series, adding a genuine comic feel. With little blurbs, humorous quips spouted by Sketch constantly and setting description boxes, found in the corners of each caption you really get the feeling that you’re in a comic book. Very few Genesis titles even come close to looking this good, Sega really knows their hardware.

Story- 7:

Comix Zone is home to easily one of the trippiest storylines I have come across in the gaming world. You’re put into the shoes of a comic book artist, ironically named “Sketch” Turner. The story is set in a New York City, on a stormy night. Sketch is working on a picture for his comic book when suddenly he, and his comic book are struck by lightning, and the bad guy of his comic book is teleported into the present time, while Sketch is zapped into his own comic book! Sketch through each stage of his comic undergoes a transformation, and the longer he is in the comic book the more strength he gets as a hero. Weird huh? I won’t spoil anything from there; I just think it’s a good idea to notify you that the story isn’t really compelling but it is interesting and does give you reason for the beat-fest bestowed upon you to do unto your enemies.

Gameplay- 9:

Comix Zone is a through and through beat ‘em up. Sketch is equipped with some badass Kung Fu, he has multiple variations of kicks, punches, a body-check and a throw, which is very useful against certain enemies, and not as effective against others. Each enemy has a weakness, which you must exploit and use to your advantage. You can go around just plain button mashing, or you can take a more crafty and cautious approach to combat. But I personally take the “stylish” approach when dealing with my foes, using combinations of fancy kicks and punches and the occasional weapon.

The gameplay revolves around the picking up of weapons/items that help you on your comic quest. You have 3 open slots to carry items in, so be very careful which items you take with you on your quest. You can pick up a power-up, items, weapons, and even Sketch’s pet rat, which can electrocute enemies, find items and flip switches that Sketch can’t get to. Comix Zone is littered with puzzles, most of which are relatively simple, and with Sketch’s tipster constantly giving advice you should have no problem overcoming them.

As previously mentioned in the story segment of this review, Sketch is undergoing a transformation while he attempts to escape the imprisonment from his comic book. You can’t turn into the hero at will, which would have been a blast. But there is a power-up you can use which transforms you into the hero form of Sketch momentarilyproviding a devastating maneuver, “erasing” every enemy in the caption off the page. After every stage/level you complete your hero rank is raised, and Sketch’s hero meter fills, which leads you to wonder just what will happen.

Boss battles are handled well, with each boss having their own patterns, which you must adapt to. Some battles can be tricky and frustrating, but the game is so fun to play, you shall find yourself going back to beat their hand-drawn asses into the ground.

Comix Zone is a fun beat ‘em up with interesting puzzle elements and great character/environment interaction. The boss battles and combat overall are exceptional; with different gameplay mechanics for the boss battles you won’t find the game to be stale or repetitive at all. The character and personality this game possesses alone will tempt you to keep coming back, its really hard to think of a beat ‘em up as fun to play as this.

Sound- 10:

This game’s sound was the second thing that struck me to be phenomenal. Great attack sounds, and character catch lines, and even grunts are believable and often hilarious! The sound in this game really adds a dimension to this it, which is seen in very few games on the Genesis (which is known for its weak sound ability). Sega has shown once again that they really can pump surprising juice out of their Genesis, if Sega can do it why “can’t” everyone else? The music is quite good in Comix Zone, moody and upbeat at times, making you want to color foes, “ass-whooped red”.

Overall, the sound effects, character quips and taunts are what make Comix Zone such an appealing game to the ears.


(Your button configuration may be different than mine.)

Comix Zone has a very simple button configuration, which can be mastered in minutes upon the controller being placed in one’s hands. The A button is used for attacks, the B button is used to scroll through your items, the C button allows Sketch to jump and the D-pad is used to move Sketch around and it can be used in correlation with the A button to utilize different moves. Holding back on the D-pad lets you block, holding down allows you to crouch and you can roll while holding a diagonal and crouching.

Very simply put, Comix Zone sports very responsive control and simple controls. The fact that the character has so many moves that can be pulled off with simple finger-rolls is very cool, adding a fighting game aspect to an already impressive gameplay package. The great and simple control substantially helps this game shine; it shines as magnificently as greased up swimsuit models.

Replay Value and Fun Factor- 8

While it doesn’t have hidden features or extras for the gamer to unlock, Comix Zone is a lot fun to play, it will have you coming back time after time to test out your hero skills. A few extra costumes, the ability to play the game a second time as a full-fledged super hero and secret levels would have been sweet Comix Zone is enough fun to have you coming back for more.

Overall: 54/60= 9/10

Despite the lack thereof unlockable features and extras, gamers shouldn’t be swayed from picking this game up at a whim. Its fantastic gameplay, unbelievable 2d graphics and ear-charming sound really make this game a winner. Easily, one of the best Genesis games to ever hit and easily one of the most unheard of, if you have a Genesis HUNT for this game you won’t be disappointed. Truly a gamer’s dream, which needs to be played by everyone, Comic Book fans, beat ‘em up fans and any gamer will definitely need to add this game to the collection, a masterpiece in game development.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10, Originally Posted: 03/20/03, Updated 03/20/03

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