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Combat Lynx (1985)      

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Durell Software Ltd
Mike Richardson
Mode 0
Audio cassette
UK (£8.95)
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Also found on Durell compilation "The Big 4", Elite compilation "Top 10" and Ubisoft "Hit 14". Re-released by Encore.
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Issue 1 (Nov 1985) (Amtix)   15th Jun 2016 07:02
Piloting a Lynx helicopter, your mission is to provide air cover and support for the allied ground units. This support comes in the form of supplying several other bases with weapons, fuel and personnel from your home base 1 (the number of other bases depends on the skill level selected) and helping to destroy the oncoming forces of the enemy.
Insteadof the usual view-from-the-cockpit you see the action from somewhere behind the Lynx but alt your flight controls are right in front of you below the view screen. It's quite easy to get the hang of using the instruments but it takes some time before you can totally master them. The map is a particularly useful control; using it you can identify which ground vehicles are on your side and which ones should be destroyed. Once you have mastered the controls you can then start to enjoy Combat Lynx properly.
The whole game has a very professional polished look to it. The graphics and scrolling, while simple, work very well; you feel that you are actually flying the helicopter. Below
you can see battles raging; vehicles trying to drive over hills which are too steep for them and houses scrolling towards you at high speed. While in the air enemy jets and helicopters engage you in battle.
Compared to the other computer's versions of this game the Amstrad one is the best and it is a very good flight /strategy simulation which should keep admirers of this type of game happy for hours.
Overall AMT1X! rating; 83%

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