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Codemasters LtdFruit Machine SimulatorAmstrad CPCI1
Codemasters LtdFruit Machine Simulator 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1990I1
Codemasters LtdFruit Machine Simulator 2Amstrad CPC1990I1
Codemasters LtdFruit Machine Simulator 2Commodore 641989I2
Codemasters LtdGhost HuntersAmstrad CPCI1
Codemasters LtdGhost HuntersSinclair ZX Spectrum1987IV
Codemasters LtdGhost HuntersCommodore 641987I1
Codemasters LtdGrand PrixCommodore Amiga1991I4
Codemasters LtdGrand Prix SimulatorAmstrad CPC1987I4V
Codemasters LtdGrand Prix SimulatorSinclair ZX Spectrum1987I3V
Codemasters LtdGrand Prix SimulatorCommodore 641987I3V
Codemasters LtdGrand Prix Simulator 2Amstrad CPCI1
Codemasters LtdGrand Prix Simulator 2Sinclair ZX Spectrum1989I4V
Codemasters LtdGrand Prix Simulator 2Commodore 641988I4
Codemasters LtdGrell & FallaAmstrad CPCI
Codemasters LtdGrell & FallaCommodore 641993I4V
Codemasters LtdGrell & FallaSinclair ZX Spectrum1992I5V
Codemasters LtdGuardian Angel, TheAmstrad CPCI
Codemasters LtdHeroes of the PacificXbox 2005I5
Codemasters LtdHit Squad, TheAmstrad CPCI
Codemasters LtdHit Squad, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I
Codemasters LtdHoversprintCommodore Amiga1992I4
Codemasters LtdIndyCar SeriesXbox 2003I5
Codemasters LtdIndyCar Series 2005Xbox 2004I5
Codemasters LtdInternational Rugby SimulatorSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I
Codemasters LtdInternational Rugby SimulatorCommodore 6419872
Codemasters LtdInternational Rugby SimulatorAmstrad CPC1988I
Codemasters LtdInternational SpeedwayCommodore 641988I1
Codemasters LtdItalia 1990Commodore Amiga1990I4
Codemasters LtdItalian SupercarSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I5V
Codemasters LtdItalian SupercarAmstrad CPCI5
Codemasters LtdJet Bike SimulatorCommodore 641988I1V
Codemasters LtdJet Bike SimulatorSinclair ZX Spectrum1988I
Codemasters LtdJet Bike SimulatorAmstrad CPCI1
Codemasters LtdKamikazeSinclair ZX Spectrum1991I1
Codemasters LtdKamikazeCommodore 641990I1
Codemasters LtdKamikazeCommodore Amiga1989I4
Codemasters LtdKGB SuperspySinclair ZX Spectrum1989I2
Codemasters LtdKGB SuperspyCommodore 641990I
Codemasters LtdKnoorkie the PigCommodore Amiga1997I4
Codemasters LtdKwik SnaxCommodore Amiga1992I4
Codemasters LtdKwik snaxAmstrad CPC1990I1
Codemasters LtdKwik SnaxSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I1
Codemasters LtdLazer-ForceCommodore 641987I1
Codemasters LtdLittle Puff in DragonlandCommodore Amiga1989I4
Codemasters LtdLittle Puff in DragonlandAmstrad CPCI1
Codemasters LtdLittle Puff in DragonlandCommodore 641990I1
Codemasters LtdLMA Manager 2003Xbox 2002I5
Codemasters LtdLMA Manager 2004Xbox 2004I5
Codemasters LtdLMA Manager 2005Xbox 2004I5

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