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Sinclair Research Ltd1K ZX ChessSinclair ZX811983I1
Oxford Computer PublishingAjedrez KarpovSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I3
Andromeda IncAndromeda ChessSinclair ZX Spectrum1984I2
SPAArt of ChessCommodore Amiga1987I4
Electronic ArtsBattle ChessIBM PC1988I5V
InterplayBattle ChessApple 2e19901
Electronic ArtsBattle ChessCommodore Amiga1988I5V
Data EastBattle ChessNintendo NES1990I2
InterplayBattle ChessCommodore 641989I1V
Electronic ArtsBattle ChessAtari ST19881V
InterplayBattle Chess 2: Chinese ChessCommodore Amiga1991I5
Electronic ArtsBattle Chess CD32Commodore Amiga1994I5
Electronic ArtsBattle Chess CDTV/CDCommodore Amiga1992I5
OdestaChessApple 2e1983
Mikro-Gen LtdChessSinclair ZX811982I2
AcornsoftChessAcorn BBCI
Superior SoftwareChessAcorn BBCI
Sinclair Research LtdChessSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I2
MicropowerChessAcorn BBCI
ChessSony Playstation
Alligata Software LtdChessAcorn ElectronI
PsionChessSinclair ZX811981I2
Micro PowerChessAcorn Electron1983I3
ComputerConceptsChessAcorn BBCI
AcornsoftChessAcorn Electron1984I3V
Chess 3DSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
Oxford SoftworksChess Champion 2175Commodore Amiga1990I5
Oxford SoftworksChess Champion 2175Atari ST1990
Oxford SoftworksChess Player 2150Commodore Amiga1989I4
Oxford SoftworksChess Player 2150Atari ST1990
Quicksilva LtdChess Player, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1982I
InfogramesChess SimulatorCommodore Amiga1990I4
InfogramesChess SimulatorAtari ST1990
KompartChess Through the AgesCommodore Amiga1995I4
Sinclair Research LtdChess TutorSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
Artic Computing LtdChess TutorSinclair ZX Spectrum1983I
(Unknown)Chess! - The Game Of KingsCommodore 641987I1
Hi Tech ExpressionsChessmasterNintendo NES1990I2
ChessmasterSega Game Gear TheI
UbisoftChessmaster 10th EditionXbox 2004I
Mindscape International IncChessmaster 2000Commodore Amiga1986I4
Ubi SoftChessmaster 2000, TheAmstrad CPCI
Electronic ArtsChessmaster 2000, TheAtari ST1986I
Electronic ArtsChessmaster 2000, TheIBM PC1986I
Chessmaster 2000, TheSinclair ZX Spectrum1990I
Electronic ArtsChessmaster 2000, TheCommodore 641989I1
Mindscape International IncChessmaster 2100: The FidelityCommodore Amiga1990I4
Mindscape International IncChessmaster IISony Playstation1999
Chessmaster MillenniumSony Playstation
Eagle TreeChinese ChessCommodore Amiga1989I5

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Intelligent Chess Software, Ltd2-

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