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Castles of Doctor Creep, The (1984)            

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Details (Commodore 64) Supported platforms Artwork and Media
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Broderbund Software, Inc.
Platform / 2D
Ed Hobbs
Audio cassette

Commodore 64

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michael4776 (Unknown)   23rd Mar 2013 04:48
"They should have called this Castle of Dr. Dumb"

There were many games on the good and decent games for the Commodore 64 and there were bad ones. This one is actually is one of the worse games (if not the worst) game for this system because of many reasons which I will explain in this review.

I will separate the game into 5 categories so that that I can rate them and show you how I got the score I gave it.

The games graphics are basic. You can tell what your character looks like a little. There is just a black back ground with floors ladders and ect. with a few different colored use. Most of the coloring used in this game is only limited to a few colors. The intro screen was nice to look at but other then that there was nothing special, really stands out in this game for this part.

The game is so easy that a young child could beat the game very easily. The game tells you what to do on each stage and there is nothing else to do but proceed to the next floor. The stages don't get any more difficult as you proceed to the next stage which makes it boring

Game play-2
The game play really basic because on each floor you are told what to do in each of the level (or floors) to get to the next one (like mentioned before). There is only and a few ways to die (one or 2 spots).

One of the only really good things about this game. The whole idea is that you are think about buying (or have bought and are taking a look at what you have bought)the Castle that Dr. Creep is selling or leasing (for some unknown to the player) and you are touring his castle seeing all of his invention and other stuff.

Sounds and Music-1
There are very few sounds effects are basic sounds (like bleeps and other noises).The music (only at the beginning and end of the game) is ok but nothing special.

Replay Value-1
The only replay value for this game is that you can play it again (why you would I don't know) to just fool around.

This game is really bad because you can you can not die and there is nothing exciting for this game. They could have been a little more creative with the story and could have made it a lot more difficult and maybe with different level of difficulty. This is one game you should avoid AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

Reviewer's Score: 2/10 | Originally Posted: 06/08/03, Updated 06/08/03

Dragonkin (Unknown)   23rd Mar 2013 04:47

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