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Carmageddon (1997)      

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SCi, Patrick Buckland, Matthew Edmunds, Bruce Mardle, Kevin Martin, Bob Plested, Russell Hughes, Terry Lane, Shaun Smith
Lee Groves, Colin Mcginley, Russ Dunham, Paul Zimmer


DVD (Protected)
USA, Europe

Also published by GT Interactive in Europe
Sony Playstation

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Corndog (Unknown)   5th Jun 2012 04:46

"Good Graphics, Smooth Controls, Really Fun."

The idea of this game is what people want: running over pedestrians, watching their guts fly, jamming the gas off large jumps and immense skyscrapers, and thrashing and totaling not only your car, but your opponent's car as well. The part most people enjoy about this game is the ability to do whatever you want, go wherever you want, and runover anything you want. For splattering pedestrians, taking wild jumps, and wasting your opponents, you earn not only time, but also credits which can be used to repair or upgrade your car's engine, armor, or spikes. There is a selection of 28 cars that you can win over the course of the game. To start off the game, you get a choice of 2 cars which are different in strength, speed, as well as drivers. During the race, you are racing (or smashing) 5 artifical intelligent cars that want to ram you from all different angles. As well as battling with your opponents, you can try to waste huge, armored police cars (or trucks, whatever you prefer calling them) that also try to ram you from the front, rear, or side. To beat a race, you either have to distroy all pedestrians, pass all checkpoints for a fixed number of laps, or wasting all your opponents. There are a total of 36 races and 5 different environments including city, beach, underground mine, desert, and industral.

I recommend buying this game because it is very fun, hard to beat, and has great replayability. The gameplay is also improved with a steering wheel.

Graphics: 10 (Good Textures, real 3-D acceleration)

Control: 9.5 (The controls are easy but there are alot of them)

Sound: 8 (Good sound effects, Marilyn Manson music, and frequent cussing)

Fun Factor: 9 (Great replayability, hard to beat)

By: Corndog

Reviewer's Score: 9/10, Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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