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Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon ( 2002)            

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Universal Interactive
Ronin Entertainment

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(Anonymous) (Unknown)   28th Mar 2012 03:03

"Quest for the Bargain bin is more like it!"

Bruce Lee Quest for the Bargain Bin. If you think I am super clever and just made that up your are 100% wrong! In reality that’s what some of the developers and mo-cap team members were overheard saying before this game hit shelves. Were they on the money? Read on and find out.

“Bruce Lee Quest of the Dragon has been created in honor of the most amazing martial artist in history—Bruce Lee. The many people involved in developing this title take pride in the games authenticity, especially its use of Bruce Lee’s appearance and martial arts style of Jeet Kune Do. In order to convey the true spirit and precision of Jeet Kune Do, we enlisted one of Bruce Lee’s own students to be involved with the motion capture sessions.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to be associated with Bruce Lee. We hope you enjoy the game.”
- The Bruce Lee Team.


Back in the day…well a few months ago, I saw the first real screens of this game and thought it looked amazing, then I said “Games always look better in motion!” Boy was I wrong. From the moment you start you will notice a few things wrong in the graphics dept. First and foremost the character models are decent yet odd at the same time, they look distorted in a way that I truly cannot explain in words, the legs look great one second and the next they look freaky, same can be said for arms, and faces. Let me stop here for a second, this is the golden age of gaming, where the line between reality and game is suppose to blur, so with that you would expect some sort of lip synch right? Well most of the time yes, but not with this game. Instead of lips that move with words and show emotion these sort of stretch around the face and goo all over the place (for lack of a better word). This isn’t the case with every character but it happens with most and it’s so bad I started to cry. Another glaring issue is a sudden “scan” line followed by blocks, yes you read that right blocks just show up out of nowhere and get in the way of the plain textures and jaggie edges every 5-10 seconds, it must be seen to be believed. But it can’t be all bad right? Wrong! This is a game about Bruce Lee and not a single person on this earth moved in a way that he could, no man has ever moved so fast or with such grace. So why did they use motion capture in this game? It should have been hand animated, and if it was maybe all the slow, ugly animations would be gone and the true style of the worlds greatest martial artist would have shone through.


WAAAAAHHH! Is the name of the game here, most of Bruce’s trademark yelps and battle cries have been faithfully re-created in this game, could they have been better? I doubt it. Music on the other hand could have been a little more varied and, how do I say this…Japanese maybe. Aside from that you have your standard fare of punch and kick sound effects, most of which all sound the same. The mood could have been greatly enhanced by with proper music and effects but I suppose the dev team didn’t think music was all that important.

Game play

BUTTON MASHER!!!! Best describes this whole game, but for those that want a little more content in a review, I will go a little deeper. There are 3 modes of play, Adventure which offers the most bang for your buck, you start off with next to no moves, little health and you’re the worlds worst martial artist, but with the magic of coins you can buy your way to the top via moves, health upgrades and skill levels! Each levels is broken up into 3-4 sections with plenty of enemies to pummel, some levels also include sub and arena boss’s which are suppose to be a challenge but if you have any button mashing skills you should do ok. Arena Boss mode allows you to fight the games boss’s one at a time to better hone you ass kicking skills, and finally training mode pits you against your Master (who cant be hurt!) and lets you beat the crap out of him for as long as you would like. The biggest problem with any mode of play is loading, for instance when you first start your presented with a nice 15 second load screen which plays a 2 second cinema, then you watch another 15 second load screen, fight for about a minute and then it starts loading again, this pretty much happens after every fight and really hurts the flow of the game. I haven’t seen this much loading to game play action since Stuntman on PS2, well….maybe it’s not that bad.


Here is the only area where the game really shows some effort. Combos are easy to pull off, and there are literally hundreds of moves you can buy. The controls themselves are pretty basic, the L stick moves you around, L locks onto a character, and R unlocks, A is punch, B kicks, X blocks, and Y is for your horribly animated special moves! Don’t let me leave out the white button which Taunts (why?) and the black button, which sets poor Bruce on fire!

Closing Comments

I think this game had potential, honestly it tries to be a 3d Streets of Rage, but it would have been better off in a 2d world. Playing this game for a good 12 hours had me wanting only one thing a true 2D Streets of Rage for the Xbox, so come on Sega how about you show these guys how its done just one more time!?!

Graphics 4
Sound 4
Gameplay 5
Control 6
Replay 3
OVERALL (not an average) 4

Reviewer's Score: 4/10, Originally Posted: 08/04/02, Updated 08/04/02

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