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BSS Jane Seymour: Federation Quest 1 (1990)            

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Gremlin Graphics
Adventure / Graphical
Graeme Ing, Robert Crack
Jason Sheppard


3.5" Floppy disk

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Atari ST
Commodore Amiga

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Jul 1990 (CU Amiga)   5th Dec 2011 03:12
When word reached our ears that Gremlin Graphics had a game in development called Jane Seymour it put our news hound in a flap. "She's been in Live and Let Die and War and Remembrance" said our resident scoop. How off the mark he was. Jane Seymour (or BSS Jane Seymour, or, as it's now known, Federation Quest One) owes nothing to Jane Seymour, the actress. It's a follow up of sorts to the rather lacklustre trading game Federation of Free Traders - although it's not as dull as its predecessor, and instead of a trading game it's a puzzle cum shoot 'em up.

You land on the BSS Jane Seymour, a trading vessel overrun by monsters who've turned the crew into a horde of slavering zombies. Your task is to move around the ship finding and filling the various flasks of stellar fluid which will re-engage the life support system.

Collect armaments and door passes and use the map in the computer room to plot your course. Servant droids can be programmed to act as your bodyguards, or they can be sent off on missions. All of these operations involve a simple click of the mouse on an icon, and working out what to do doesn't take too long.

What does become apparent is that to be really effective you have to be organised. You have a back pack and a utility belt in which to store your gains, and you can assign objects to droids. From here on it's a case of anticipation and deciding which tool to use when but not in a way which requires imagination.

I'm a big fan of games which require a bit of strategy and the chance to use your noddle, but when they're as pedestrian as this I'm just not hooked. After all, the washing up's got to be done but who'd pay money for the privilege? The shoot 'em up sections are pretty basic too. A lumbering beastie gets in your way. If you've the firepower to off it so be, if not bad lack.

That said, it's still a definite improvement over FOFT, if only because it'll never be dogged by unfair comparisons to Elite. As an example of its genre it's competent in design and execution, the graphics are fine and the game displays the occasional touch of humour. It's choc-a-bloc with things to do and, if you've the staying power, I dare say you could use this to while away a rainy afternoon.

Steve James

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