Atic Atac (1983)            

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Ultimate Play the Game
Chris Stamper, Tim Stamper
Kempston, Cursor
Audio cassette
UK (£5.50)
Atic Atac map, Official game poster
Also appeared on Boots compilation '10 Titles for the Spectrum Plus', and Ultimate's own 'Ultimate Play The Game: The Collected Works'.
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Acorn BBC
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Your Reviews (Unknown)   7th Mar 2011 10:28
This was more or less the game that the term 'arcade adventure' was coined for and one that spent months at the top of the charts of every games magazine. It is set in a castle of 200 rooms and hidden somewhere in those chambers are the three parts of a key needed to escape. You can take the role of a knight, a wizard or a serf in your quest, each having different weapons and being able to use different secret passages. After a few seconds in each room, it fills with a variety of different baddies who are out to suck you of your life energy. Despite the clumsy controls, Atic Atac is a genre-defining game, and one whose very name evokes memories of the Spectrum era.

Trivia (Unknown)   19th Jun 2012 03:38
(Anonymous) (Crash!)   13th Dec 2008 10:39

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There are no cheats on file for this title.In 1991, Atic Atac was ranked as the 79th best ZX Spectrum game of all time by Your Sinclair.Voted the 8th best game of all time by the readers of Retro Gamer Magazine.The game was a major inspiration for the critically acclaimed CITV game show Knightmare, with producer Tim Child realising that if a ZX Spectrum could run a compelling adventure game, then a television programme with pre-rendered graphics could revolutionise the genre.


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