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Alien 8 (1985)            

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Ultimate Play the Game
Platform / 2D
Ultimate Play the Game
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Alien 8 map, Official Game Poster

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Acorn BBC
Amstrad CPC
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Ross Holman and Chris Wood (Your Spectrum 14)   27th Dec 2008 02:34

So now we know. The reason nobody can hear you scream in space is ... they're all frozen stiff. Or rather they are 'cryogenically immersed', for Alien 8 comes with the same sort of instructions as Ultimate's other recent games. Enigmatic is an understatement. Obscure, opaque, mysterious or just plain unintelligible would be closer. Certainly, lots of long words and not many facts to join them together.
Much easier to pick up the gist of the plot by playing. All you need to know is that you are a robot, sorry, cybot, programmed to look after all the needs of the frozen astronauts, off on a jolly jaunt to colonise distant worlds. Unfortunately, the ship has been invaded by aliens and the life support systems have been damaged. You now have to reactivate these systems before the astronauts turn into real stiffs.
Reactivation is achieved by collecting 'thermolec valves' (different shaped objects) and plugging them into the cryogenic sockets (holes to plug in different shaped objects). With 24 chambers to be reactivated and only 5 initial replacement packs (lives), it's not a task that'll be completed first time out. You're going to have to get used to the screams of a lot of defrosting spacemen as they re-enter the atmosphere. Luckily, on the Speccy nobody'll hear them.
Any resemblance to any other Ultimate program is purely uncoincidental. And sure, you're going to think you've been conned by a clone when you first load it up. But once you're into the game you'll see that it's much more complex than its predecessor and perfects all the techniques that Knight Lore prepared us for.
So, now check out our map and start planning your movements with the microwave on legs.

Issue 3.08 (1st Oct 1985) (The Micro User)   25th Mar 2017 08:05
(Anonymous) (Crash!)   13th Dec 2008 10:31

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