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Ultimate Play the GameAlien 8Sinclair ZX Spectrum1985I5V
Ultimate Play the GameAlien 8Acorn BBC1985I4V
Ultimate Play the GameAlien 8MSX1987I5V
Ultimate Play the GameAlien 8Amstrad CPC1985I5V

Alien 8 is a ZX Spectrum video game. It was written by Tim Stamper and Chris Stamper of Ultimate Play The Game, and was released by the company in 1985. The game was also ported to the BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC and MSX platforms. It is the follow-up to Ultimate's Knight Lore, which had been released in 1984. As with its predecessor, Alien 8 is a platform game rendered in then-novel isometric projection. In the game, the player takes control of a robot, Alien 8, whose job is to ensure that all of the cryogenically frozen passengers on a spaceship remain viable during the ship's voyage.

As with Knight Lore, the environment of Alien 8 takes the form of a series of isometric flip-screen rooms (which trace the outline of a large starship). These are filled with platforms (including some that move), moveable objects, static hazards and dangerous aliens. The latter take the form of strange, sparkling life-forms (similar to Knight Lore), mouse-Dalek hybrids and mindless, but fast-moving, clockwork mice. As well as executing well-timed manoeuvres and jumps, inventive players can use starship props to block or defend themselves. Another feature is the use of remote controlled drones, which can be directed by Alien 8 into inaccessible or dangerous areas.

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