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Army Men: Air Combat (2000)      

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Action Adventure
NUS-005 Nintendo 64 controller
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Nintendo Game Boy Color
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(Anonymous) (Unknown)   29th Mar 2012 03:55
Desert Strike+Army Men=Army Men Air Combat!"

Hello, I'm General Eric, and I like Army Men, I also liked Desert Strike, but I didn't care really about a combining of those two when I heard it, in case you didn't know, Desert Strike was a game for the Sega Genesis that was about a helicopter called a AH-64 Apache fighting in the Persian Gulf war, it was a very great game, it started the Strike seres, which was Desert Strike, Jungle Strike and Urban Strike on the Sega Genesis and two more, Soviet Strike and Nuclear Strike on diffent systems, so 3DO, creaters of the Amy Men franchise, decided to take the Desert game engine, add all sots of Army Men realated stuff, added some multiplayer stuff and poof! They got themselves a game! A veery great game that was better then Nuclear Strike 64 in my opion. NOW on to the review!

Graphics 7/10
The graphics here are nothing special, but they look good for a game like this, the tanks look good, the helicopters look good, the menu's look good, and so on, this game's graphic's are like Nuclear Strike 64 grahpics, just more cartoony and a little better done, when you shoot a enemy, little bit's of plastic come flying off from it, how cute, (the word cute is being used in a way that's realated too ''that's cute in a cool kind of a way, by the way I'm not a girl!) the only thing that's bad is that the some things look a little bit too blocky and the bugs look way like cubes with some tiangles added. But the graphics are still good in a way.

SOUND/Music 8/10
The music is very good, kinda like some metal /rock /tecno type of music, it's also like the Army Men Sarges Hero's 1 and 2's music, the sound is great, the helicopter's blades turning, the screams from the enemy soldiers when you kill them, the exposions are all very done here, the only down fall is that there's not enough differnt sounds, but it's still all good.

Gameplay 8/10
There's a bunch of stuff to look around at in this game, there's a 1 player mode where you ty the levels, two players which let's you play the 1 player modes with a partner, and Officer's club which is the multiplayer modes, the game is really fun, just a bit easy at the begning and too hard at the end where you face a robot unless you have a partner, and there's only 6 multiplayer scenaio's and two of them are the exact same things with less enemy's so that's 5 there, but the rest are fun but you can't changee the limits to them and the limits are put short, like if you bring a fruit to a machine it will give you 8 points and there's a 100 point limit so it's short. But it's still fun in a way.

Replay-ability 8/10
You can play one-player levels, two players on the one player levels, and multiplayer so there's a lot to do until you get bored, you will get board quickly if you don't have a friend to play it.

Rent or Buy? Rent
This game is fun but it's got it's weak points, you should only buy it if you liked the Desert Strike seres and the Army Men seres or if you like milatary like games. It won't disappoint.

End notes
-Lot's of things to do
-Differnt Helicopters and Co-points you can change in each mission that can change how poweful your weapons are

-Fun when played with a friend, don't have friends then don't get it
-Levels are either easy or hard

This game is a great game but it still has it's weak points, this is General Eric signing off...

Reviewer's Score: 7/10, Originally Posted: 11/25/00, Updated 11/25/00

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