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3D Starstrike (1985)      

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Realtime Software
Space simulator
Graham Baird, Ian Oliver, Andy Onions

Audio cassette
3D Starstrike 2

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Amstrad CPC
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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Gameplay hintsWe all know what an absolute fab game Starstrike is but playing it is not always that easy. So thanks to Mr R Cope of Exeter for supplying me with these valuable tips which, after a bit of practice, should help you all to get way above the million mark. Space: In space on levels one and two only one ship fires at you at a time. Look at the screens very carefully, most of the ships fly in a circular path. The best way of killing a ship is to follow the same Eath, blasting the plasma olts and following through by finally blasting the alien ship. The instant you destroy a ship another fires at you, so keep on the move. On the higher levels more ships fire more often and some situ-ations are impossible to beat. If you momentarily clear the screen centre your gun marker because over a third of the ships appear from the centre. At the end of this screen one or two ships spiral out and go behind you, move your cursor to the far left or right and pick them off as they make their final pass. The Surface: Here things get tough! I On level one it is best to use the tip from last month's playing tips, ft also works if you move hard left or hard right, this shows the incredible graphics at their best. Pick off the laser bunkers by diving on them and spraying an arc of fire, but don't hold the fire button down too long! When you've got the towers things are a bit differ-ent. If you clear all the tower tops you get 50000 points bonus plus what ever you get for hitting the tower tops. So it's worth using up some shields to get some extra points. After you have shot all the tower tops turn your attentions back to the bunkers.
Gameplay hints (cont'd)The Trench: This is where the main prob lems occur. Usually the cursor self centres side to side, but up and down it normally lies in one of three Ksitions, top, middle or ttom. So it is possible to maintain your height and just concentrate on your side to side movements. In the later trenches it gets tough and a joystick is essential. Take a couple of games to learn how to get through certain catwalk formations. Don't move too violently, despite the collision detection routines it does take too much movement to get through the side to side cat-walks. The End: First of all when the tactical appears let go of the joystick so your cursor self centres. Then just move left to right to blow up the cubes and see one of the best graphical sequences ever.
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