VIC-20 Original Documents


Original documents written by Commodore Business Machines, Inc.

Title Description Date
VIC-1001 Computer User's Manual The user manual for the VIC-20 1981
VIC-20 Programmers Reference Guide The original guide in text format -
1702 Monitor Manual The manual for the VIC-20's monitor, the 1702 -
C2N Datasette Manual The manual for the VIC-20's cassette recorder, model C2N -
VIC-1541 Single Drive Floppy Disk User's Manual The manual for the original 5.25" floppy disk drive for the VIC-20 December 1982
VIC-1541 Single Disk Drive Technical Manual A technical guide to the 1541 floppy disk drive 1983
VIC-1212/1110/1111 Memory Expanders Commodore's own memory expansion harfware for the VIC-20, extending it by 3K (VIC-1210), 8K (VIC-1110) or 16K (VIC-1111) depending on the unit purchased. ?
VICMODEM User Manual Commodore's manual for the VIC-1600 VICMODEM 1982
VIC-1525 Printer User Manual Commdore manual for the VIC-1525 printer 1982
VIC-1212 Programmer's Aid Cartridge manual Manual for the Programmer's Aid cart. 1982
Super Expander User guide for the Commodore 3K memory expansion 1982
Personal Computing on the VIC-20 A Commodore guide to using the VIC-20 1982


Other Peripheral Manufacturers

Original documents written by third-party manufacturers of Commodore peripherals.

Title Description Date
VIC-Switch User Manual The manual for Handic Software's VIC-Switch, which enables eight VIC-20 or CBM 64-computers to communicate with the same peripheral devices. ?
VIC-20 Speech Synthesizer The manual for the VIC-20 Speech Synthesizer from Adman. 1982
Cardram 16K Memory Expansion Cardco's 16K RAM expansion for the VIC-20 April 1983
Cardprint Plus G Printer Interface Cardco's printer interface for the VIC-20 July 1983