Titus Software

Crazy Cars 2: F40 Pursuit SimulatorTitusCommodore Amiga1989
Lamborghini American ChallengeTitusNintendo SNES1993
The Blues BrothersTitusNintendo SNES1993
IncantationTitusNintendo SNES1996
Prehistorik ManTitusNintendo SNES1996
Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the FlameTitusNintendo SNES1996
RealmTitusNintendo SNES1996
The BrainiesTitusNintendo SNES1996
Virtual Chess 64TitusNintendo 641998
RoadstersTitusNintendo 641999
SupermanTitusNintendo 641999
Top Gun: Combat ZonesTitusNintendo GameCube2002

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