Simon Butler

Industry veteran computer artist Simon Butler worked for a number of software houses including the original Imagine, Denton Designs and Ocean. His ZX Spectrum CV includes a total of 28 titles. In this interview conducted in May 2001, Simon certainly pulls no punches in his opinions of those that worked in the industry during the Spectrum's golden years and the current state of the software industry in general. Simon now runs a graphics studio in Liverpool called TagMonkeys which develops graphics primarily for the hand-held market.
Gift From the GodsOcean Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1984
BouncesMonolithSinclair ZX Spectrum1985
Cosmic WartoadOcean Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1985
Enigma ForceBeyond SoftwareSinclair ZX Spectrum1985
Neverending Story, TheOcean Software LtdAmstrad CPC1985
ShadowfireBeyond SoftwareSinclair ZX Spectrum1985
Shadowfire 2Beyond SoftwareSinclair ZX Spectrum1985
Shadowfire TunerBeyond SoftwareSinclair ZX Spectrum1985
BreakthruU.S. Gold LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
HighlanderOcean Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
Hunchback: The AdventureOcean Software LtdCommodore 641986
Its a KnockoutOcean Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
LeaderboardU.S. Gold LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
Legend of Kage, TheImagine Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
Miami ViceOcean Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
N.O.M.A.D.Ocean Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
Psi-5 Trading CompanyU.S. Gold LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
Silent ServiceMicroprose Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
AthenaImagine Software LtdAmstrad CPC1986 (Unreleased)
Army MovesDinamic SoftwareCommodore Amiga1987
Mag MaxImagine Software LtdCommodore 641987
Match Day 2Ocean Software LtdCommodore 641987
Super CycleU.S. Gold LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1987
Combat SchoolOcean Software LtdCommodore 641988
Dan Dare 2: (Sinclair User Edition)Sinclair UserSinclair ZX Spectrum1988
Dan Dare 2: Mekons RevengeVirgin GamesSinclair ZX Spectrum1988
PlatoonOcean Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1988
Renegade 2: Target RenegadeImagine Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1988
Vindicator, TheImagine Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1988
ElfOcean Software LtdCommodore Amiga1989
Gazza 2Empire SoftwareSinclair ZX Spectrum1990
Sim CityInfogramesSinclair ZX Spectrum1990
9 LivesArc SoftwareCommodore Amiga1991
Navy SealsOcean Software LtdCommodore Amiga1991
Total RecallOcean Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1991
Viz - The Computer GameVirgin GamesSinclair ZX Spectrum1991
Addams Family, TheOcean Software LtdCommodore Amiga1992

Company History

Added: 10 Nov 2012
He worked for German company Elkware (now Infospace), for French company The Mighty Troglodytes and as Lead Game Designer at dtp Entertainment in Hamburg. In 2009 he worked for Bigpoint, then the world's largest developer of browser titles and in 2010 he worked for Altigi, developing their launch title for their games branch GoodGame Studios. In 2010 he worked in Gdansk and Hamburg and is currently freelancing back in Liverpool on mobile products.

Added: 10 Nov 2012
Simon's first game was Pedro's Garden for Imagine in 1983.

Through his career has worked for Ocean, Team 17, Vicarious Visions, Probe, Magnetic Fields, Atari, dtp Entertainment, Bigpoint and many others.


From Then to Now

Added: 10 Nov 2012
Since 2000 he concentrated on the handheld and mobile markets, producing graphics for the GBC, GBA and mobile phone titles.

Added: 10 Nov 2012
Since 2000 he concentrated on the handheld and mobile markets, producing graphics for the GBC, GBA and mobile phone titles.


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