Rob Hubbard

Commando: Space InvasionElite Systems LtdAmstrad CPC
One Man and his DroidMastertronic LtdAmstrad CPC
Action BikerMastertronic LtdCommodore 641985
Battle of BritainPSSCommodore 641985
CommandoElite Systems LtdCommodore 641985
ConfuzionIncentive Software LtdCommodore 641985
Crazy CometsMartech Games LtdCommodore 641985
SpellboundMastertronic Added DimensionSinclair ZX Spectrum1985
TarzanMartech Games LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
Captain ZZapMastertronic LtdCommodore 641986
ChimeraFirebird Software LtdCommodore 641986
Deep StrikeDurell Software LtdCommodore 641986
International KarateSystem 3Commodore 641986
Monty on the RunGremlin GraphicsAmstrad CPC1986
ThrustFirebird Software LtdCommodore 641986
ZoidsMartech Games LtdCommodore 641986
Dragons Lair 2: Escape from Sing...Software ProjectsSinclair ZX Spectrum1987
HydrofoolFaster Than Light (FTL)Sinclair ZX Spectrum1987
International Karate + (IK+)System 3Sinclair ZX Spectrum1987
Saboteur 2: Avenging AngelDurell Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1987
ACE 2Cascade Games LtdCommodore 641987
Auf Wiedersehen MontyGremlin GraphicsCommodore 641987
Bangkok KnightsSystem 3Commodore 641987
BMX KidzFirebird Software LtdCommodore 641987
DeltaThalamusCommodore 641987
Delta Charge!ThalamusSinclair ZX Spectrum1987
Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's CastleSoftware ProjectsAmstrad CPC1987
Dragons Lair 2Software ProjectsCommodore 641987
International Karate + (IK+)System 3Commodore 641987
Nemesis the WarlockMartech Games LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1987
Shockway RiderFaster Than Light (FTL)Commodore 641987
Star PawsSoftware ProjectsCommodore 641987
ThundercatsElite Systems LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1988
Flash GordonMastertronic LtdAmstrad CPC1988
Skate or Die!Electronic ArtsCommodore 641988
Budokan - The Martial SpiritElectronic ArtsIBM PC1989
19 Part 1: Boot CampCascade Games LtdCommodore Amiga1989 Unreleased
688 Attack SubElectronic ArtsCommodore Amiga1990
Indianapolis 500Electronic ArtsIBM PC1990
Tarzan Goes Ape!Codemasters LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1991
Bard's Tale 3, The: Thief of FateElectronic ArtsCommodore Amiga1991
Centurion: Defender of RomeElectronic ArtsSega Mega Drive1991
Ski or DieElectronic ArtsCommodore Amiga1991

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