Martin McDonald

Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's CastleSoftware ProjectsAmstrad CPC1987
Dragons Lair 2Software ProjectsCommodore 641987
Star PawsSoftware ProjectsCommodore 641987
PlatoonOcean Software LtdCommodore 641988
Psycho SoldierImagine Software LtdAmstrad CPC1988
RastanImagine Software LtdCommodore 641988
Renegade 2: Target RenegadeImagine Software LtdCommodore 641988
Vindicator, TheImagine Software LtdAmstrad CPC1988
Untouchables, TheOcean Software LtdAmstrad CPC1989
Navy SealsOcean Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1991
Terminator 2: Judgment DayOcean Software LtdCommodore 641991
HookOcean Software LtdCommodore Amiga1992

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