Keith Burkhill

Commando: Space InvasionElite Systems LtdAmstrad CPC
Missile DefenceAnirog SoftwareSinclair ZX Spectrum1983
Missile Defence 16Anirog SoftwareSinclair ZX Spectrum1983
Gilligans GoldOcean Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1984
CommandoElite Systems LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1985
Ghosts 'n GoblinsElite Systems LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
Space HarrierElite Systems LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
Battle ShipsHit PakSinclair ZX Spectrum1987
AfterburnerActivision IncSinclair ZX Spectrum1988
Gee-Bee Air RallyActivision IncSinclair ZX Spectrum1988
Galaxy ForceActivision IncAmstrad CPC1989
Back to the Future 3Image WorksSinclair ZX Spectrum1991
ExterminatorAudiogenic Software LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1991
Alien 3Acclaim EntertainmentSega Game Gear1992
Mortal KombatAmiga ArenaSega Game Gear1992

Company History


From Then to Now

Added: 20 Jul 2013
In 2013, he was based in Birmingham, UK.

Added: 20 Jul 2013
Keith''s LinkedIn page tells us he worked for Crawfish Games from 1999-2001.


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