John Pickford

Ghost TownVirgin GamesSinclair ZX Spectrum1984
ZigguratSoftware Super Savers LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1984
Death WakeQuicksilva LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1985
Max HeadroomQuicksilva LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
ZubMastertronic LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1986
AmauroteMastertronic Added DimensionSinclair ZX Spectrum1987
Feud!Bulldog SoftwareSinclair ZX Spectrum1987
Glider RiderQuicksilva LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1987
RasterscanMastertronic LtdSinclair ZX Spectrum1987
ZarjasSinclair UserSinclair ZX Spectrum1988
ClusterPsygnosisAtari ST1988 (unreleased)
RoadhuggMastertronic Added DimensionCommodore Amiga1988 (unreleased)
Cosmic PiratePalace SoftwareCommodore Amiga1989
Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors IIAcclaim EntertainmentNintendo NES1989
Roller ThrasherRareNintendo NES1989 (unreleased)
CabalMilton BradleyNintendo NES1990
Gazza 2Empire SoftwareSinclair ZX Spectrum1990
Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden WarpshipRareNintendo NES1990
Voodoo NightmarePalace SoftwareCommodore Amiga1990
Wizards & Warriors III: Kuros: Visions of PowerAcclaim EntertainmentNintendo NES1990
Sesame Street: A-B-C/1-2-3Hi Tech ExpressionsNintendo NES1991
Beauty & The Beast: Belle's QuestSunsoftSega Mega Drive1993
PlokTradewestNintendo SNES1993
EquinoxSonyNintendo SNES1994
WetrixOcean Software LtdNintendo 641998
Taz ExpressInfogramesNintendo 642000
Sticky BallsReal ArcadeIBM PC2002

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