Amstrad PCW Software

Below are some useful utilities that can be used with the Amstrad range of PCW word processors.

Communication Tools

These downloads are designed to assist with the PCW talking to other computers and devices

Title Description Download
EMU A VT100/ISO 8859-1 emulator for the Amstrad PCW. Its VT100 emulation is superior to that of QTERM and COMM+ and features support for bold, underlining and keyboard redefinition. EMU has been tested with QTERM, COMM+ and ZMP. Recommended for users of the text-based WWW browser, Lynx
FaxPatch If you're using a Fax Link serial interface, you might have been frustrated to discover that the only comms software that will work with it is COMM+ and PCWfax. This is because the hardware deviates from the original Amstrad CPS8256 design, making it incompatible with the Amstrad version of CP/M . COMM+ and PCWfax get around this by communicating the hardware directly. However, FAXPATCH will patch your copy of CP/M so that you can use any standard CP/M comms software with the Fax Link. It will even support the 38,400 bps rate if you need this.
QTERM 4.3f Older versions of QTERM are unreliable at speeds above 4,800 bps, but thanks to Stephen Younger, you can now use the program at much higher speeds. Applying this patch will allow you to use a CPS8256 (compatible) interface at 9,600 bps. If you have a Fax Link interface, you can now take advantage of V34+ (33,600 bps) modem technology. At long last, the PCW version of QTERM 4.3f itself can now also be obtained over the Internet. You'll need PMEXT to unpack the archive. There's even a handy script making utility available for getting you up and running quickly and a sample QTCHAT script to show you how to automate your tasks.
QTERM Patch Download this high speed patch to enable speeds of up to 38,400 bps with a Fax Link interface or 9,600 bps with a CPS8256 compatible interface.
ZTERM Patch If you prefer the Zmodem capability of ZMP, there's also a patch available for that program to enable speeds of up to 9,600 bps with a CPS8256 interface and 38,400 bps with a Fax Link interface. If you haven't used ZMP before, you'll also need a copy of the program itself.
MIME Decoder A Base64 MIME decoder - at long last there's one available for CP/M . Now you can decode those curious looking messages that are fast becoming the standard on the Internet.
HTML Stripper Tired of editing the HTML tags out of your Web pages retrieved by e-mail? At last, there's a HTML stripper for CP/M .
CRTSCTS CRTSCTS patches PCW CP/M so that it uses RTS/CTS handshaking like most modern PCs and modems do. This can avert data loss when using a LapLink cable to transfer data between a PCW and a PC.
DDOSSEA DualDOS creates a 702k disc format which can be read by Amstrad machines and PCs with no additional software.


File and Shell Tools/Extensions

These downloads are designed to assist with the PCW reading & writing files and disks of different formats, and improvements to the operating system shell.

Title Description Download
MSODBALL John Elliott's clever MSODBALL runs under both DOS and CP/M and can convert a standard 3" inch CP/M (or LocoScript) 720 Kb disc to one of three non-standard DOS formats. Conversely, it can convert a DOS disc from any of these non-standard formats to CP/M 720k format. This one is an absolute must!
DISCTOOL Format your discs to capacities you never thought possible, using DISCTOOL. Up to 828 Kb on a B-drive CF2DD disc!
ADFSRSEA Read ADFS discs (produced by the BBC Master or Acorn Archimedes) on a PCW, CPC or Spectrum +3. Requires 3.5" floppy drive.
ZPM3 BDOS The original Digital Research BDOS is slow, because it was written in code for the 8080 processor. Simeon Cran rewrote it for the Z80, debugged it, made it more compact and added new features in the regained space. Amongst these is a command line history, similar to that of UNIX shells. This new system is called ZPM3 and breathes new life into CP/M Plus. ZPM3 is supplied as part of PCW-16 CP/M , so on the PCW-16 these programs should not be necessary.
ZCCP The companion to ZPM3 is ZCCP , a replacement shell for CP/M Plus that adds new features, such as named directories, conditional batch processing, aliasing and error handling. If you've ever used 4DOS on a PC or one of the many UNIX shells, you'll be at home with ZCCP in no time. You must have ZPM3 installed before you can use ZCCP, but the combination is truly brilliant and should have been bundled with PCWs to begin with.
PCLKCSEA Puts a digital clock on the bottom line of the screen under CP/M .


An automatic screensaver for PCW CP/M . This screensaver occupies no TPA memory.
AZPM3SEA Advice and utilites for installing ZPM3 on Amstrad computers. ZPM3 is supplied as part of PCW-16 CP/M , so on the PCW-16 these programs should not be necessary.


Advice and utilites for installing ZCCP on Amstrad computers. Note that ZCCP requires ZPM3.
DSHOWSEA DSHOW and DPRINT are a pair of utilities to display and print illustrated text files. Support for Epson printers, BJ10e printers, and the PCW daisywheel. Generate the illustrations with PCWDRAW or Stop Press.
DSKWRSEA DSKWRITE writes a .DSK file out to a floppy disc. It supports the Squeeze compression system (.DQK files) and the .COM file runs under both CP/M and DOS. Note that DSKWRITE will not work on the CPC.
DU54 DU54 can format, copy and verify discs, like DISCKIT. It can use up to 15 different formats, and is supplied with 17 extra format definitions. DU54 is so big that it cannot be supplied as a self-extract archive; you will need PMEXT to unpack it. DU54 works on the PCW16 under CP/M (BIOS 0.06+), but a version customised for the PCW16 is supplied with CP/M anyway. DU54 includes a version for +3DOS on the Spectrum +3.
PASSWSEA PASSWD gives PCW CP/M (1.8 or later) or LocoScript 2.5 or 3 a simple boot-up password system. The computer will refuse to start unless the correct password is entered.
UNZIP Unzip for the PCW, can be used to extract .ZIP files (up to version 1.10). Not archived: do not run on a PC!

Graphics and Display Tools

These downloads are designed to assist with the PCW reading & writing graphical image files, and other vision-related tools.

Title Description Download
GIFViewer View GIF images on your PCW.
GIFConvert Converts GIF89a image files into GIF87 images
BMPViewer BMP file viewer and converter for the PCW
BigTYPE Replace CP/M 's TYPE utility with BIGTYPE, which displays files using enlarged characters. Useful if your eyesight isn't what it used to be.
Flash Replace the PCW's annoying beep with a blissfully silent FLASH of the screen. Works with both CP/M and LocoScript.
CRTPLSEA CRT+ is an improved screen driver for the PCW and the Spectrum +3. It allows use of extra screen codes for effects such as bold, italic etc. This functionality is built into PCW-16 CP/M (BIOS 0.04 and later).
LOADPIC LOADPIC loads images in the DR LOGO (.PIC) format, or the Stop Press Canvas (.SPC) format. It runs on the PCW and the Spectrum +3.
LSAVRSEA LSAVER is (as far as I know) the only screensaver for PCW LocoScript. It requires LocoScript 2.5 or later, and is completely automatic in operation. The reverse video version has all the functions of the normal version and contains the functionality of RV.FID below.
RVFID Put this file on a LocoScript 2.5 or 3 start-of-day disc to reverse the screen colours (black on green / white).
SHOWSPC SHOWSPC - compiles Stop Press canvas files into self-displaying .COM files.


Printer Tools

These downloads are designed to assist with the PCW printing functionality.

Title Description Download
LDPICSEA Load / save the PCW 8256 / 8512 / 9256 / 10 dot-matrix printer font. Use PMEXT to unpack this file.
Letafont Letafont. By John P. Stevenson. A great font editor and several executable fonts, plus: their UDG sources. COMmand file version of the earlier User Defined Graphics (UDGs) in BASIC. Plus documentation. Tested on the PCW 9000 and PcW-10 models.


Programming Tools

These downloads are designed to assist with programming the PCW.

Title Description Download
MSBASIC Microsoft BASIC 5.29 interpreter (not the compiler): the equivalent of the Mallard BASIC interpreter (as supplied with the PCW). Comes in handy when dealing with public domain software that is not fully compatible with Mallard.
MBTUTOR Introduction to the Microsoft BASIC Interpreter.
TPASCAL Turbo Pascal 3.0a. Released in public domain by Borland. PCW patched version. For MS-DOS 3.02a
XLATE2 Converts 8080 to Z80 machine code
Z80TUTOR Z80 Machine Code Tutorial



These downloads are designed to assist with you just having fun out of your PCW!

Title Description Download
Head Over Heels Need some light relief after a hard day's LocoScripting? Get hold of the now legendary arcade game.
Tetris Another legendary and very addictive game combines the ability to think quickly with the ability to act quickly.
Hitch A game of yet another genre, yet equally legendary is the text adventure The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy. You'll need PMEXT to unpack the archive.
SlotMachine Or try your luck with the Ultimate Slot Machine.
AppleJack Applejack (basically a game for kids). Tested on the PCW 9000 and 10 models as well. By K. Boothroyd
Slider Sliding tile puzzle: 4 pictures supplied. Tyresoft Games. Tested on the PCW 9000 and 10 models
Tetris A different version of the classic Tetris: I hate it! Tested on the PCW 9000 and 10 models as well. Rowan Software, Mirrorsoft.