CPC-series Utilities

Below are some useful utilities that can be used in converting files, playing back sound, etc.

Tape Loading

These utilities allow you to get programs off your old audio cassettes and into your computer, or vice-versa. Naturally, this will require a cassette player, a suitably configured sound card and cabling between the two.

Title Description Download
Tape2HDD A tool to read CPC and MSX format homecomputer cassettes by using a Creative Labs Soundblaster's "Line-in" channel. The program works pretty fine with good quality tape signals (and soundcards). For worse signals it does also include some optional filtering methods.
2CDT Tape Image Creation A tool for creating 2CDT tape images.
CDT Check A tool for verifying tape images
CDT Test CDT Test suite for emulators


File Conversion

These utilities convert program files or BASIC program listings from one file format into another.

Title Description Download
No$Cart This DOS based tool converts CPC disk images (.DSK files) into CPC Plus/KX 4000 cartridges (.CPR files). And thus allows to play most CPC games on diskless CPC 464+ computers, and (as far as fully joystick controlled) even on the KX 4000 games console.

The program copies the CPC 6128 operating system ROMs and the disk image into a cartridge, patches the