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Se-Kaa of Assiah (1985)
Commodore 64

Game Spotlight

Fantasia Diamond ()
Hewson Consultants Ltd
A top notch adventure from Hewson, a company not normally associated with them. The diamond of the title has been nabbed and locked away in an impenetrable fortress. Boris, the master spy, has already tried to steal it back and is now rotting in the castle's dungeons. That leaves it to you to find a way in, grab the diamond, release Boris and escape with everything intact. What makes this game so special is that it includes some great interactive characters who carry on with their own business, regardless of what you do. The graphics are neat and effective, the vocabulary is user-friendly and ...    
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Untouchables, TheCommodore Amiga

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ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2 Kickstarter Begins

If you missed out on backing the first Kickstarter campaign for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next in 2017, now's your chance!

The £250K goal was met within the first 5 minutes, and the funding so far after 24 hours has already exceeded that of Issue 1, whose machines began shipping to backers in February this year.

Issue 2 Nexts are broadly the same as Issue 1, but with some improvements following recommendations given by owners to the development team.

View our dedicated Spectrum Next page for more details.12 August 2020

More games flood in for MSXDev’20

MSXDev’20 started slow, with one game here and there, which is natural since most people would start coding their games after the competition is announced. However, with the submission deadline fast approaching, nine new games were submitted in the span of a few days! With the new contestants, the MSX enthusiasts have fourteen new games to play and get properly prepared to vote when the time comes. Head over to VintageIsTheNewOld for details!24 July 2020

New Plus/4 Game - The Pit

Doug Turner has released a new game for the Commodore Plus/4. After more than 30 years after creating Icicle Works and Prospector Pete, Doug decided to work on a new game following the Boulderdash-style gameplay.

According to Doug, The Pit was born of his desire to revisit Icicle Works and correct the mistakes he made back then, most notably the lack of a smooth scrolling window. With that in mind, he also took Prospector Pete elements to create the new game.

As I mentioned before, The Pit is very like Boulderdash, but to be very honest, a better one. Although at first, it looks like the same, The Pit mesh the two of Doug’s previous games makes the game the ultimate Boulderdash, with 36 levels of frantic gravitational gameplay, new foes, magic pits to fill with stones, portals, warp holes, dynamite, spades, and much more.

The Pit is available for free, following this link.09 August 2020

Rite of Druid – A new text adventure game for the ZX Spectrum Next is available now

Rite of the Druid is a text adventure game or using a more modern term, interactive fiction where you are part of a small tribe, preparing to take part in a ritual that will allow you to become a full druid. You are transported to a strange land where you must find the rune of power and return to complete the rite.

Although the game is called “text adventure”, it presents as the second generation of this genre, where graphics are displayed on each screen helping your imagination while you progress to the game. And based on the screenshots I’ve seen, Rite of the Druid has astounding graphics.

The gameplay is standard, where you need to solve puzzles to progress in the story. The game uses standard VERB NOUN input such as GET STICK, FILL BOTTLE etc.

The game is available for free at itch.io, and even if you don’t own a ZX Spectrum Next, you can still enjoy it via emulation! 29 June 2020

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