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Game Spotlight

Winter Games (1985)
U.S. Gold Ltd
"Sleet and snow will not stop EPYX in their appointed duties to produce a great Winter Olympics Game." The game starts out with the Olympic Torch being run up a small set of stairs and touching the hugh torch while the stadium of fans sit in the background under a slightly cloudy and blue sky, thus starting the Olympic Games. Then, some white doves are released into the air. (Sounds exactly like my intro for the Summer Games review.) But, this time, there is snow on the ground and the runner is wearing warm clothing. Plus, there are plenty of flags waving around in the background. And, the ...    
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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 enhanced release

Do we have some great retro gaming news for you, as that legendary game character Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog game series, which appeared on multiple systems, especially the Sega Master System has been given a short enhanced release by MrCat. Released via the SHC2016 website, this remastered hack takes the original Sonic the Hedgehog 2 game from 1992 and instead has 3 all-new zones, complete with new layouts and artwork!

Right from the word go you can just tell how much work has gone into this hack, as the level of detail in both the backgrounds, foregrounds and the main character has far more depth than the original game. Beyond the detail enhancements it features 3 very cool zones such as the Seaside Hill Zone, Cyan Speedway Zone and Dream Gate Zone, that will keep you coming back for more with fresh new layouts. Thus if you loved playing Sonic and spinning and dashing through multiple zoned platform levels, while fighting the main antagonist Doctor Eggman, you've seriously got to play this hack.

Thankfully the SMS Rom has been provided for free and doesn't require any additional workload, just download and play on either a real Sega Master System or through an emulator such as Fusion.01 December 2016

Rick Dangerous makes an appearance in Spelunky!

In 2013 Mossmouth, the developers of the original and great Spelunky, released the HD remake of Spelunky on Steam and GOG on the PC. It was a game in very similar style to the platforming classic Rick Dangerous, but with cave exploration and treasure-hunting with all new graphics, music, new areas and much more that made Spelunky HD a fantastic game to play. So it was no wonder that this week, a Rick Dangerous mod was released for Spelunky, in which you can play as the legendary character Rick Dangerous, who appeared on the Amiga, Amstrad and many other famous retro systems.

Spelunky is a game not to be missed and now with Rick Dangerous, it's like re-living nostalgia but in the modern age. Welcome back Rick Dangerous, many of us missed you :)

You can buy Spelunky from Steam, and download the update here.29 November 2016

Excitebike clone for the C64

Here's some interesting news for fans of the NES classic Excitebike. A playable preview of a C64 clone called Motorman developed by Dr. Strange of Atlantis and Propaganda Magazine has just been released.

The preview lets you play against 2 cpu and 1 human opponent, on 1 track which features jumps, oil, rocks, and other obstacles which you either have to negotiate by switching lanes or doing wheelies etc. Controls seem pretty good, the bike responds well enough to do somersaults on the big jumps and wheelies over the barrels. While it is pretty short on features and has no title screen, this preview definitely shows potential that it could be a very nice motorbike racer, and when played with few friends, a whole heap of fun!

Download the preview here.29 November 2016

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