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Publisher Spotlight

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Mindscape Interactive Inc. was an international software publishing company, previously part of The Learning Company and later affiliated with Electronic Arts. As of 2004, the group had offices in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. It had an annual turnover of €38 million and employed 150 people. Mindscape published and distributed educational and lifestyle games and software.

Its most notable titles include Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Lego Island.

Historic Game Chart

PCG Top 50, December 1984
Pos Game Title Publisher Spc C64 Bbc
1Daley Thompson's DecathlonOceanl l
2SherlockMelbourne Housel
3ZaxxonUS Gold l
4Beach HeadUS Goldl l
6EliteAcornsoft l
7Kokotoni WilfElitel l
8International SoccerCommodore l
9Wanted: Monty MoleGremlinl l
10Full ThrottleMicromegal
11Lords of MidnightBeyondl
12Sabre WulfUltimatel
13Summer GamesQuicksilva l
14DecathlonActivision l
15Jet Set WillySoftware Projectsl
16Tornado Low LevelVortexl
17Match PointPsionl
18Zim Sala BimMelbourne House l
19Arabian NightsInterceptor Micros l
20Death Star InterceptorSystem 3 l
21HavocDynavision l
22Pitfall 2Activision l
23American FootballArgus Pressl
24Football ManagerAddictivel ll
25World Cup FootballArticl
26Micro OlympicsDatabasel ll
27MugsyMelbourne Housel
28Combat LynxDurelll
30Frank N SteinPSSl
31Astro ChaseStatesoft l
32HampsteadMelbourne Housel
33Fighter PilotDigital Integrationl
34Battle for MidwayPSSl
35Quo VadisThe Edgel
37Dark StarDesign Design l
38ChillerMastertronic l
39Boulder DashStatesoft l
40Falcon Patrol 2Virgin l
41Twin Kingdom ValleyBug-Bytel
42Frak!Aardvark l
43High NoonOcean l
45Perils of Bear GeorgeCheetah Softl
46Braxx BluffMicromegal
48PsytraxxThe Edgel
49Suicide ExpressGremlin l
50Trollie WallieInterceptor Micros l


ZX Spectrum Next Taking Shape

Henrique Olifiers published on YouTube an 8-minute long video showing the board in action. On the video, the PCB is installed in a regular ZX Spectrum case for demo purposes. Talking about the demos, he uses some of the best demos available for the Spectrum, trying to convince us (as if it was needed!) that the machine has the best possible hardware emulation one can find.

Watch the YouTube video, check out more info on www.specnext.com and join the discussion on Facebook!31 January 2017

Pang for Atari 8-bit

Almost 10 years in the making, with very long periods of time without being worked on, Pang has finally arrived for the XL/XE range.

The game has been released at a Dutch party called Silly Venture 2k16.

Visit Pouet.net for download details.13 November 2016

Floppy Days podcast - VIC-20 History with Michael Tomczyk, Neil Harris, and Brian Bagnall

The latest Floppy Days podcast is out!

In this month's episode, Randy talks about the Commodore VIC-20, the computer that brought colours for the users for an affordable price.

Randy says "In this first episode about the Vic-20, I want to cover the history of this machine: why it was developed, some of the stories around its development, what happened after its release, and when it was canceled. To that end, I contacted some notable persons that were involved with the roll-out and support of the Vic-20, as well as a person who was involved in documenting Commodore's history. The first person I contacted was Michael Tomczyk, who was an assistant to Jack Tramiel at Commodore and who led the so-called "Vic Commando Team". Michael was intimately involved in the marketing and support of the Vic. In addition, a key member of his team, Neil Harris, agreed to help with this episode as well. And, finally, I talked with Brian Bagnall, who you might recognize as the author of "Commodore: A Company on the Edge". This is an amazing line up of people who are very familiar with the Vic-20 and its history and I'm very lucky to have been able to get their assistance with telling its story."

Listen to the podcast here.29 January 2017

Chibi Akuma(s), Amstrad Shoot ’em up Now Available

Over at Vintage is the New Old, a news article back in December reported a new game, “Chibi Akuma(s)”, a new spoof-horror crazy shoot ’em up coming to the Amstrad CPC. As promised the game has been released. Download it from the link below.

Download: ChibiAkumas_Multidisk.7z
Website: chibiakumas.com05 January 2017

Hat Trick VIC-20 Homebrew Port, RC1 Update Released

Hat Trick is a VIC-20 port of the C64 game with the same name. It requires 16k of memory expansion to run. The game is basically one-on-one hockey with a space-time anomaly simulation for extra fun. Two players are supported. The second one uses the keyboard or a user port joystick (see the Readme for details). This is version RC1, Which now has music. Source is included.

Download the game here.04 November 2016

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