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Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (1991)
Commodore 64

Publisher Spotlight

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Electric Dreams Software was a video game publisher established in 1985 by former managing director of Quicksilva, Rod Cousens and former Software Manager of Quicksilva, Paul Cooper. The company published video games for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Amstrad CPC between 1985 and 1989, becoming one of the top eight UK software houses of that decade.

Historic Game Chart

PCG Top 50, September 1984
Pos Game Title Publisher Spc Vic C64 Bbc
1Sabre WulfUltimatel
2Lords of MidnightBeyondl
3Tornado Low LevelVortexl
4Beach HeadUS Gold l
5ValhallaLegend l
6MugsyMelbourne Housel
7HulkAdventure Int'll ll
9Arabian NightsInterceptor Micros l
10Jack & the BeanstalkThorl
11Fighter PilotDigital Integrationl
12EncounterNovagenl l
13Codename MATMicromegal
14TrashmanNew Generationl
15Night GunnerDigital Integrationl
16Match PointPsionl
17Flight Path 737Anirog ll
18Atic AtacUltimatel
19Football ManagerAddictivel
20BlaggerAlligata ll
21War of the WorldsCRLl
22CavelonOceanl l
23Jet Set WillySoftware Projectsl
24Stop the ExpressPsionl
25Manic MinerSoftware Projectsl l
26Ant AttackQuicksilval
27Beaky & the Egg SnatchersFantasyl
28Ad AstraGargoylel
29LocoAlligata l
30World CupArticl
31Frak!Aardvark l
32FortressAmcom l
33International SoccerCommodore l
34Chequered FlagPsionl
36Kosmic KangaMicromanial
37HunchbackOceanl l
38Son of BlaggerAlligata l
39AviatorAcornsoft l
40Space PilotAnirog l
41Moon AlertOceanl
42Blue ThunderWilcoxl
43Aztec ChallengeUS Gold l
44The QuillGilsoftl
46Savage PondStarcade l
47Solo FlightUS Gold l
48TitanicR & R Softwarel
49Blade AlleyPSSl
50Where's My BonesInterceptor Micros l


Quadron Deluxe Announced!

Cronosoft are about to release a Deluxe version of Andy Beale's game, Quadron.

This is the same game but more of a collectors’ edition and comes in a double jewel case containing both cassette and mini CD featuring the same latest version of the game, with the much requested redefinable keys option.

The CD also includes the exclusive “Development of Quadron in Pictures” only available in this version. There are also the “Basic Instructions” and “Detailed Instructions” included on the CD that were first made available for buyers on the itch download site.

Andy is famous for being the original author of Psytraxx in 1984, published by The Edge. 20 December 2020

ZX Spectrum Next Issue 2 Kickstarter Begins

If you missed out on backing the first Kickstarter campaign for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next in 2017, now's your chance!

The £250K goal was met within the first 5 minutes, and the funding so far after 24 hours has already exceeded that of Issue 1, whose machines began shipping to backers in February this year.

Issue 2 Nexts are broadly the same as Issue 1, but with some improvements following recommendations given by owners to the development team.

View our dedicated Spectrum Next page for more details.12 August 2020

More games flood in for MSXDev’20

MSXDev’20 started slow, with one game here and there, which is natural since most people would start coding their games after the competition is announced. However, with the submission deadline fast approaching, nine new games were submitted in the span of a few days! With the new contestants, the MSX enthusiasts have fourteen new games to play and get properly prepared to vote when the time comes. Head over to VintageIsTheNewOld for details!24 July 2020

New Plus/4 Game - The Pit

Doug Turner has released a new game for the Commodore Plus/4. After more than 30 years after creating Icicle Works and Prospector Pete, Doug decided to work on a new game following the Boulderdash-style gameplay.

According to Doug, The Pit was born of his desire to revisit Icicle Works and correct the mistakes he made back then, most notably the lack of a smooth scrolling window. With that in mind, he also took Prospector Pete elements to create the new game.

As I mentioned before, The Pit is very like Boulderdash, but to be very honest, a better one. Although at first, it looks like the same, The Pit mesh the two of Doug’s previous games makes the game the ultimate Boulderdash, with 36 levels of frantic gravitational gameplay, new foes, magic pits to fill with stones, portals, warp holes, dynamite, spades, and much more.

The Pit is available for free, following this link.09 August 2020

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