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Fighting Warrior (1985)
Sinclair ZX Spectrum


Site updates

My Retro Isle site has not been updated in quite a while, and since the last major updates the whole site has been moved to another service provider.

As part of this move some of the downloads were lost. I likely do still have them on a backup somewhere, so until I get this resolved and the files re-uploaded, let me know if you need anything more urgently.

I have fixed the broken login problem so you should be able to login correctly now.02 November 2023

Tiny Dungeons - a new ZX Spectrum 128 roguelike!

An evil Necromancer holds the land of Twilight in fear. Three brave heroes set out into the ancient dungeons to put an end to his evil deeds... Tiny Dungeons it's a small roguelite game for ZX Spectrum 128 written by RetroSouls and out for free download today!

For more information visit RetroSouls on Itch.IO.09 February 2022

New version of RedPill Amiga Game Creator

Now up to Beta 0.9.6, REDPILL is a tool written by Jens Henschel, aka Farbfinsternis, to empower people to create games for Amiga without programming knowledge. It is both easy to use and at the same time allows you to do complex things. Create 2D games with the true Amiga feeling, with support for ECS and AGA graphics. RedPill runs on AmigaOS or ApolloOS with 1 MB of Chip RAM and 2 MB Fast RAM. For more details and to download the tool for me, head over to https://redpill.farbfinsternis.tv/index.php/en/05 February 2022

Dizzy The Adventurer - Unreleased Mega Drive game get a PC release

Originally released on the NES, Dizzy the Adventurer is now available for free download from The Dizzy Fansite!

This was going to be part of The Excellent Dizzy Collection for the Sega Mega Drive but due to time constraints at the time it was never completed or released. Team Yolkfolk have done it again and painstakingly made it their passion project in bringing this title to the PC for the first time!03 January 2022

New Amstrad CPC title Black Sea now available

A brand new arcade game written by Mananuk is now available for ordering from https://mananuk.itch.io/.

Play as Captain Robinson on a quest deep into the Black Sea to search for treasures and discover all the secrets that those waters hold. The small bathyscaphe has a very limited oxygen deposit, so you will have to go to the nearby ports to recharge the cylinders. Be careful down in the depths, as not only will you have to deal with floating mines, but there also dangerous inhabitants of the sea that will damage your Submarine and force you deep into the darkness of the Ocean floor. Black Sea features lovely Amstrad details, a cool loading screen by ERRAZKING, lots of different themed areas, multiple enemy types, challenging yet enjoyable gameplay, and a very chippy soundtrack.17 December 2021

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